What is art?

I had no clue how to answer that before I met Ted Rose. I thought I knew. But, he flipped my world upside down. As a young college student this made me angry because I thought to myself, “Self, who is this man to tell you how to think, how to see? Who is this man to tell me I can’t see?” I was ignorant to the wisdom he has and the true passion and genius behind the man that is Ted Rose. It wasn’t until I appreciated his talent and artistry that I started to listen and that was one of the best decisions I ever made. Ted Rose inspired me and helped mold me into the artist I am today. He taught me that the creative world isn’t just art for art’s sake. Some is. But true art is a piece of you. It comes from within and it draws from experiences. It comes from struggles, it comes from happiness, it is a small shred of our humanity.

Who is Ted Rose?

Ted Rose is an artist. He is an artist with a passion and a true love for his work. He is a man that when he picks up a pencil or a brush or a spatula, he makes art. He exudes art and you can see it in his walk, his talk and his work. Myself and all the students that studied under him can’t help but be inspired by his wisdom.

This piece is one that honestly was hard for me to do. It’s hard to showcase someone who had such an impact on your life. It’s a lot of pressure to film someone and tell their story when they helped shaped your story indefinitely.
Ted Rose is a humble, talented man and this piece is something I would love to see spread around. I would love nothing more than for the world to see a shred of the man that is Ted Rose and support his art.
And to Ted, if you see this, this is the least I can do. You have helped shape me as an artist and for that I am eternally grateful.
Ted Rose is a passionate artist with a process unlike any other to see more and get in contact go to tedroseart.com/



Ted Rose

Produced by
Naim Azhar

Filmed, Edited, Produced, and Directed by
Josh McCausland

Special Thanks
John Essary
Natalia Alva

“Breezin” – George Benson

“The Coast is Clear” – WordHarmonic

“Even If” – Tom Harrell

“John McLaughlin” – Miles Davis

“Take Five” – Dave Brubeck

“Little Wing” Live at Rockpalast 1984– Stevie Ray Vaughan

“So What” Vevo – Miles Davis

“Jazz Session 1921” – Ahmad Jamal

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