Dear God, what happened to the iQ flicks Website?!


If you can’t tell we are doing some maintenance on the site. Recently, we have been working on some neat projects but haven’t had the best-looking website. So, we did what most artists do when they are in a furious rage at an ugly looking project and we tore it down. After we did, we realized we are not web developers. After precisely 37 minutes of wallowing we realized we needed to at least put something up for the couple viewers we get a month to look at. So, to the few fans that we do have out there that decided to check us out, we say thank you for visiting the site and stay tuned for the marvel that will be our new website. Until then, you can see below for some videos we have recently produced as well as a contact form to get in contact with us.


Reach out. We swear we don’t bite.