“Music is the heart and soul of creativity. It is where I find my catharsis and my reasoning,” said Josh when we asked him about what music means to him. He started composing music early in 2017. His musical background stems in blues and jazz and he has been playing guitar for 12 years now. As a filmmaker he has always been motivated by the atmosphere that a score can create. He started learning piano in the summer of 2017 and released a film in early 2018 complemented by his first musical score called “Chaos Theory”. Since then, he has shifted his creative passions to composing music. Some of his musical influences include Dustin O’Halloran, Thomas Newman, Leonard Bernstein, Alexandre Desplat, and Trent Reznor. Josh likes to compose music in his free time and here are a few of his original works. His music is also on Soundcloud, Spotify, BandcampApple Music, and YouTube if you’d like to listen there as well.