After some prodding questions into what iQ flicks is all about to owner Josh McCausland, we saw his eyes light up with what seemed to be a perfect storm of terror and excitement. This is essentially what we were able to mold from the clay he threw at us.

iQ flicks started in 2014 right after Josh McCausland finished his work as a contract videographer at Sony in Nashville. iQ was a brand which the humble owner could hide behind. The works he creates branch out into all different fields as he is passionate about way too many things. That’s right way too many. I mean come on… you’ve gotta have time to sleep every now and then right?

Technically speaking, iQ flicks does short film, commercial work, and music videos mostly. They have worked with a plethora of artists since 2014. “Music video is a medium in which you are presented with the great challenge and honor to tell a story in a small amount of time. You have to respect that,” is what owner Josh exclaimed when we asked about his passion for music video.

While interviewing him I began to feel the onset of boredom sweep over me and amidst my aguish, like most millennials, I pull out my advanced telephonic device and pulled up instagram. I figured since I was interviewing Josh I might as well check out his page. I typed in @joshatiqflicks and what I saw was aesthetically pleasing and had a depressing to moderate amount of followers. I interrupted his babbling on about black and white films (yet another tangent he had yet got on) and asked him about all his beautiful photography. He quickly responded, “Oh yeah. I love to photograph things. I especially enjoy landscapes and waterfalls.” As interested in poking fun at him as I was, I found myself impressed by another layer of his creativity, so I waved my hand as to signal him to continue for us.

I continued down the rabbit hole and furthered myself into the bowels of the internet for more Josh McCausland work. I landed on his Music Website as well as his Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music ,and YouTube pages and immediately again interrupted him, only this time he was in the middle of some tangent about Hey Arnold! and his love for nostalgic 90’s shows. I quickly prompted him to describe what this whole musical persona was about. His eyes lit up again as he spoke of his love and passion for music and how it was the “core” or his artistic inspiration. “I compose music as well sometimes and I do it sort of as a side passion but it’s also nice when people hear it. Chaos Theory was the first real musical step out of my mind and into the world,” he stated. I am also in a colabrative music project with my friend Eric Setterlund called Signal Mountain. check us out!

After we had wrapped up our interview I stopped and asked him, “So you do a lot of different things… film, photo, graphic design, music, sketching, and painting. What does all this have to do with iQ flicks and why market it there instead of under your name?” He quickly replied, “iQ flicks is just a reflection of myself. I’m uncomfortable with everyone knowing my name and giving me all the credit for things. The things I create are my ideas and ultimately they will draw themselves back to me but if I can blur those lines as best I can, I will be happier with people being impressed by iQ flicks instead of Josh McCausland.”

Upon looking over my notes from the interview, I realized that iQ flicks is a gateway into the mind of Josh McCausland through his music, photography, or his short films and music videos. It is a way to help others achieve their visions through that same lens much like Josh has and continues to do.

So that’s it I guess. Live long and prosper and all that good stuff. If you have any other questions contact them here on their website.

Josh McCausland Photo by:Clint Mailo
Josh McCausland Photo by:Clint Mailo

Josh’s Bio

Josh McCausland’s work approaches visual reality from its own unique angle.

As both a videographer and graphic designer, Josh is comfortable reconciling the real with the imagined, and it shows in what he creates. His work is refreshing, and exhibits a cleanliness that is never too removed from humanity.

Healing plays a large part in creation for Josh as “an outward expression for internal struggles.” Art is his way of continuing to exist “as a child in the living room sketching on the floor, with no restrictions and no worries.”

It is this feeling of freedom that Josh’s work truly captures, allowing everyone who interacts with it a much-needed moment of peace in its simple beauty and effortless elegance.

In his pursuits, Josh has completed a BFA at Cumberland University with a major in Entertainment Design and a minor in film studies. He developed his own film company, iQ Flicks during college and now maintains his small business while working full-time for The Vincit Group as Lead Videographer and de facto design expert.